BALATON SOUND FESTIVAL 2019 | Lake Balaton – Hungary


Balaton Sound is an electronic and hip-hop music festival which takes place in Zamardi-Hungary, near Balaton Lake, the biggest in Central Europe. It was born in 2006, from a rib of the Sziget Festival, takes place every year in july and lasts for 5 days. Currently in its 10th edition, the festival has risen from 32k to 170k visitors on the 2016 edition, and the event promoters are sure they will do even better on Balaton 2017 edition. On 2012 it won the best medium-sized festival award – given by European Festival Association – It has helped Balaton Sound to reach more visibility at european level. For this event Camping is also possible, not too far away from the festival area.



    • Early Birds TBA + presale rights
    • Regular Ticket  TBA + presale rights

Ticket benefits

  • Entrance to Lake Balaton Beach in the festival area included
  • 100% Guaranteed entry even in case of Sold Out.
  • Riceive your Ticket easily at your email address ( you can print it or keep it on your smartphone ).
  • Only purchaising your Tickets trhough MusicDestination before- and after-sale assistance will be included, both for your Ticket and package.

Basic Camping for 5 Days + Ticket
-Aa few minutes walk from the Festival area, at the crossing between Szent Istvàn Street and Kilátó Street
-Allowed tents: 2×2 meter tent for 1-2 people and a 4×2 meter tent for 3-4 people
-Showers and bathrooms available in the camping area
-Reception, luggage storage, lockers, phone chargers
-You can also rent a tent at the festival site with previous booking

Only (price TBA)

Beach Camping for 5 days (Camping near the lack and at 200 meters from the Festival) + Ticket

-Close to the festival area, right on the beach
-Rreception, extra bathrooms and showers, luggage storage, lockers, phone chargers, minimarket
-Allowed tents: 2×2 meter tent for 1-2 people and a 4×2 meter tent for 3-4 people
-You can also rent a tent at the festival site with previous booking

Only (price TBA)

Caravan Camping for 5 Days (If you have a camper or a caravan) + Ticket

-Close to the festival area
-Bathrooms, showers and electricity provided

-Allowed vehicles: only caravans and approved vehicles with fixed beds can enter the Caravan Camping. Station Wagons with lowered seats or microbes with mattresses lying on the ground are not accepted.
-You can not put up a tent in the Caravan Camping, but you can use a side curtain that’s built in the Caravan. The vehicle pulling the caravan must be parked outside the Caravan Camping.


Only (price TBA)

Wooden Hut in the Caravan Camping for 5 days + Ticket

-In the Caravan Camping site, close to the festival area
-Wooden Hut for two people with a mattress, locker with key for suitcases, light and electrical outlets provided

Only (price TBA)



Only (price TBA)

Hotel pack

Packages Hotel + Ticket are also available on request



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